How to Recover After a Flood Damage

Whether the water heater bursts or there’s been a huge rainstorm, you walk into your home or office and find that you are standing in a pool of water, nothing is more frustrating. How are you going to repair the damage? What have you lost? How much is it going to cost? There are a lot of questions that run through your head when your home or business gets flooded. In order to help ease your worries and make this difficult time a little easier for you to deal with, here’s a look at some tips that will help you recover after a flood from a water restoration specialist.

Recovering From a Flood

So, what should you do once you discover that your home or business has flooded? Here are some tips that will help make the flood damage repair process easier and minimize your troubles.

Protect Your Health

Even if the water is clear and appears to be safe, it could be contaminated by chemicals or sewage. Wear waders, tall waterproof boots and rubber gloves before you enter the area. Doing so will protect you from being exposed to any contaminates that may be in the water.

Turn Off the Electricity

Electricity and water don’t mix. Turn off the power in the area via the circuit breaker box.

Take Pictures

Before you attempt to remove the water or any of the items in the space, take photos to document the damage. The pictures will be a useful tool when you contact your insurance provider, allowing them to see the extent of the damage.

Remove Items

While wearing protective gear, start removing items from the space. Place furnishings, paperwork and any other items in a dry, secure space. The quicker you start removing items from the flooded area, the less time they will be sitting in water and the less damage they will endure. If any food was exposed to the water, dispose of it.

Call Your Insurance Provider

The damages that have occurred may be covered by your homeowner’s or business owner’s insurance policy. Let your provider know what happened, how it happened and show them the pictures that you took to find out if the damage is covered. If the damage is covered, your insurance provider will assist you with filling a claim that will provide you with the necessary funds to assist with the cleanup and damage.

Call a Water Restoration Specialist

A water restoration specialist specializes in flood recovery. The specialist will remove any remaining water from the area, dry the space, disinfect it and will remove any mold growth. The specialist will also assist let you know what, if any, repairs need to me.

Have the Space Inspected

Have the walls and flooring assessed to ensure that they are still structurally sound. No matter how long the space was flooded, the water can impact the structural integrity of a space. In order to ensure that your home or office is structurally sound, it must be thoroughly inspected.

Have Damages Repaired

If there is damage to your walls or floors, arrange to have those damages repaired. A structural engineer or a building contractor will be able to assist you with this. Due to the moisture from the flood you may even begin to notice mold growing, in this case you would need to get in touch with a mold removal company.

Recovering after a flood can be overwhelming, but following these tips will help to make the process a lot easier to deal with.